Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Vendor Spotlight: Maple & Belmont

I have to confess that with a name like Maple & Belmont, I can't help but think of gourmet doughnuts. (Like those infamous maple bacon ones that seem to be all the rage.) But, in fact, when my very pregnant self can stop obsessing about sweets long enough to actually pay attention to reality, I fall in love with the sweetness coming from the Maple & Bacon screenprinting duo.

Kimberly and Derek Munn are the husband and wife creative duo behind Maple & Belmont, a stationery company based in Norfolk, Virginia. They're letting us virtually stalk visit their lovely studio and follow along through their screenprinting process.

Kimberly explains how it all started, and how they make their cards and prints:

Maple & Belmont was born out of a dream to create stationery and other paper products with our own two hands. So we rekindled our love of screen printing and got to work. Our process begins with sketching our concept. Our stationery features charming, witty designs that explore our visual voice through hand-drawn illustrations and typography. When a design is ready to print, we expose it onto a screen. We then use a squeegee to push ink through the screen onto paper. After a good drying session, we cut and fold our cards. We strive to bring our patrons a quality only found in short-run handmade products

And here are their gorgeous photos of the process:

Thanks for sharing guys! See you at the show!

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