Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Vendor Spotlight: Tributary Handmade

Beth Rice is the crafter and designer behind Tributary Handmade: fun and quirky plush toys.  Her toys are made of simple lines, subtle colors, and give a nod to the simplistic drawings found not only in children's books, but children's drawings as well.  Tributary's items are made of fabrics that Beth buys at second-hand stores (and sometimes are made of her grandma's old curtains!). Each toy feels like it has a previous life or story, yet its approachable design leaves room for the play and stories to grow. 

Beth was kind enough to share some of her process with us. Here's what she had to say:

"I first start with a sketch of my idea.  I'm really inspired by nature and vintage toys, so I'll often look to these for inspiration.  After I form an idea and rough sketch, I start to make a pattern.  I make patterns for all my designs so I can easily make more and tweak a design if I need to.  Once I have a pattern and idea, I'll look through my (quite large!) fabric collection.  I pick out my fabrics and then begin to cut out the pattern pieces.  Once everything is cut out, I begin to sew.  Usually I start with my sewing machine, but very often I add a lot of hand sewn details and embellishments.  I love playing with pattern and colors in my plush designs!  After all the sewing is in place, I start stuffing the plush with fiberfill.  I like my toys to be stuffed on the firmer side, so I take my time with this step.  Then, all that's left is to hand sewn my opening closed!"

We're so glad to have Tributary Handmade joining us for Spring Bada Bing.  If you'd like to preview more of Beth's work, visit her blog (http://www.tributarycrafts.blogspot.com) or her etsy (http://www.etsy.com/shop/tributary) in the meantime.

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