Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Vendor Round-up

We're back with two more vendors for you to "ooh" and "aah" at, before you can see their work up close and personal at Spring Bada-Bing!

I know it's a little hard to see in this form, but trust me when I tell you that the poster above is *awesome.* In fact, it's chock full of awesome things, since it is, after all, called "Things That Are Awesome." What things might you find in that beautifully hand-drawn poster? Bacon. Gnomes. Wrecking Balls. Pajama Pants. Champagne. Wiener Dogs. Monsters. I could ramble on and on for this entire blog post just talking about how much I love this poster, and it's only one of a TON of awesome illustrations that Rachel will have for sale at Spring Bada-Bing.

I've gone on plenty long enough, so here's what Rachel says about her art and what she makes:

Funnelcloud Studio makes bold and graphic art with a focus on printmaking and illustration. Colorful and modern block prints, gouache illustrations, and ink drawings reflect both my love of graphic design and my education as an architect. Geometric patterns and text-based art are common themes in my artwork. 

I love Diane's sense of humor, and there's a soft spot in my heart for anyone who is reclaiming the fiber arts from their grannified stereotypes. Plus, she describes herself as a "professional hooker," which may be the first time that phrase has ever been used on this blog. While admittedly not for everyone, Diane describes her work and how she got started thusly:

I learned to knit when I was about 10, but only occasionally used my knowledge. I picked up the needle habit again in the recent past, and along the way got dragged into hooking. I have found my niche with the hook and yarn. It is so versatile and allows me to express my creativity which I so rarely get to do otherwise. My goal is to use humor and profanity to lighten up an otherwise dreary day you may be having. It works for me anyway. When you look at my work I hope you'll chuckle, or maybe even guffaw. If you grimace, well, then we know whose lunch table I won't be sitting at. 

 ps - for those of you uninitiated into the lingo of the crochet world, you use a "hook" to make everything, so hopefully those puns make a little more sense now.

Thank you both, ladies, for sharing your "awesome" works. See you at SBB!

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