Friday, April 11, 2008

Whoopsy Doodles, it's a Time Warp! And the vendor list is UP!

OK, so I suppose I really ought to have posted this entry before we started doing focused vendor spotlights, but oh well. Sheesh. It's all details, details, details with you folks, isn't it? ;)

So, just imagine if you will that wiggly "flashback" effect from every cheesy show ever and we'll be good. Extra points if you do the flashback sound effect...

Come one, come all and check it out: the 2008 Spring Bada-Bing vendor list is up! It's a good mix of old favorites plus lots of new faces and, lemme tell ya, it will be one hell of a show!

Even though being at Plant Zero enabled us to grow the show and add even more vendors this year, it was still a super tough job jurying all those applications! Thanks to everyone who applied! Craft on!

The spring craft show season is just ramping up, so for all you folks who are sending out applications, check out these fine links for some helpful insights on juried shows and how to stand out from everyone else.

Tips for Good Application Photos -- by our very own Tasha McKelvey

Making the Crafty Cut -- this is a fabulous article from the Crafty Bastards blog.

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