Sunday, April 13, 2008

My Life is Real Hard.

Jurying is hard. Like, the first few applications roll in and you're excited to read the apps and check out the photos (less giant eyeball pics this year! Good job!) but when you get to, like, application #50 you start to get weary. Oh, the life of a juror is hard, man. It takes a lot at that point to get me excited. Then I open a photo like this:

and lose my damn mind. MIND. LOST. Big Pink Curlers, you almost got me fired from my day job (where I wasnt looking at apps at all! Nosirree!) when I opened that photo and made a gurgling choked hooty sound that totally gave me away. YES, Big Pink Curlers, you made me LOL, for reals. I hope you don't mind that I pretty much instantly made this photo my desktop background. It makes me laugh every morning when I boot up my computer and it will make me laugh even more when I buy it on Sunday at Spring Bada-Bing. Woo.

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Anonymous said...

thanks so much for the compliment. i love that it makes you laugh every day. days should always start with laughter!!!