Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Spring Bada-Bing brings you Happiness, Joy and Sustainable Crafting, Part One.

Not that anyone needs an excuse to attend Spring Bada-Bing, but you can definitely add a little good karma to your shopping bag along with those fabulous hard-to-find handcrafted items. This year's show features a veritable slew of sustainable crafters making everything from jewelry to clothes to books!

Looking for jewelry? Check out Figs and Ginger: not only are their designs absolutely adorable, but they also use recycled metals for all their work (less mining = good!).

Into a more vintage look? Look no farther than our very own TwistStyle for re-purposed vintage baubles. And while we're on that note,
Mood Swing creates ridiculously awesome necklaces and bracelets using vintage materials and old storybook pages. I want! For me!

One of my favorite finds from last December's Bizarre Market will also be at Spring Bad
a-Bing: Pretty Silly Things creates pendants out of dictionary pages, one side has the picture and the other side has the definition (you know, just in case you forget what you're wearing!). Too cute!

Other Spring Bada-Bing jewelry vendors working with re-purposed vintage materials are Lucky Accessories and Silver Tree Art who use vintage wallpaper and fabric, respectively, to create beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces.


Kelly said...

I have that bottle top ring made by silver tree! I get loads of great comments every time I wear it!

black betty said...

i have MANY of suzanne's pieces (silver tree art)...not only are they beautiful, but suzanne is such a wonderful individual to work with...kudos!!!!