Friday, April 18, 2008

Shameless Squid Crush

OK, OK. I know Kelly already sorta talked about how cool Cleo Dee is, but she is my official Craft Crush (well, her and My Paper Crane, but I digress) so I am damn well gonna talk about her some more!

Really, what actually inspired this post was looking at her blog and seeing this:

I mean, look at it. Dang, she is cool! Now, I am the resident graphic design mafiosa around here, but even I will give a bow and a tip of the hat to bad-ass design like that.

Now I am off to go stuff Swag Bags (wouldn't you like to know what's in them?...then you better show up on Sunday at 11am on the nose to get one!), but I will leave you with my spirit animal, the Viking Squid!

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