Friday, March 23, 2007

Vendor Spotlight

Sorry about the lack of updates, I've been busy working off the 8,000 cookies and chips I ate during the jurying process. Also, cake. And cheese dip. THANKS, MARYELLEN. Oof. Anyway, the jurying is done, notification is out and we're on our way to putting on the best non-kountry kraft show ever. Very much rules. We don't have the vendor list posted yet for the public (it will be soon) so in the meantime, how about a vendor spotlight? Yes? Okay.

I was super delighted when My Precious Studio applied because I've been coveting one of her pieces For. Ever. I drop hints and nobody picks them up, so I'll just have to buy my own damn jewelry, won't I. You can't do much better than the great stuff Tere makes:

Sm Milagro Heart Ring
Med 4-point Star Earrings
Oh, piratey goodness!

Skull Cameo Ring

This one makes me crazy with longing:
Lrg Gothic Heart Necklace w/ stone

So, sweet, right? Can you NOT WAIT for Spring Bada-Bing! Only a month away...

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carla ten eyck said...

Dang it! I would love to check out the show, but alas, I am in CT! A bit far but I am sure there will be updates on other cool vendors, such as My Precious Studio!