Saturday, March 10, 2007

Annnnnd were' done!

That's it! Spring Bada-Bing applications are now closed. Thanks to everyone who applied! As Adrien mentioned previously, jurying happens this weekend, and y'all should find notifications in your mailbox sometime on Monday, when I sneak away from work to send them out.

For your statistical information, we had 122 applications. 122! That's insane y'all. And also why we use our somewhat-finicky automated form. Thanks everyone who patiently worked with me when images mysteriously didn't get through, applications went missing, and general computer malarky. This is the first time we've tried to use the automated system... last year we processed all 100+ applications by hand and well... it was kind of awful.

The new system automagically sorts applications by categories, resizes images (*ahem*), and makes it easy to tell you that by far the most prolific category was jewelry. As a jeweler myself I understand the fact that jewerlymaking is pretty much the best thing ever, but with 47 jewelry applications thats over 1/3 of our applicants! Wow! Jewelry is going to be by far the most competitive category this year.

So sit tight, and feel free to bribe Adrien with treats. It'll get you at least one vote, she's a true mafioso. Of course, she's just one vote in a panel of 9 judges, so it probably won't get you far, but don't tell her that. It makes her feel more important if people bribe her to let them in.

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Stephanie said...

i just found this wonderful blog and the RCM website..and i am so happy.

i live in Lynchburg and i love what you are doing!

i am off to read everything about this!!