Thursday, March 08, 2007

Oh Em GEE, you guys!

ONE MORE DAY, PEOPLE. I know this because I just now realized that my wall calendar was still on February. Whoops? It's March now and not just March, a whole WEEK of March. A whole week went by and I was still in Februaryland. Short month, my ass.

Alright, so you talented peeps have one more day to stop screwing around and get your mighty important applications in to us so we can jury this thing. Also, clearly very few of you actually read my last missive because we're still getting giant eyeball photos. RESIZE THAT SHIZZ. Again, molecular-level detail is not necessary and it makes me frowny. You don't want that, trust me.

SO. This weekend begins the jurying process which is brutal. Last year there were drunken brawls, bruises, threats of doom and tears (mostly mine. I mean Dawn's.) Also: lots and lots of sugar. Sugar is key in the jurying process. If you want to better your chances, you can send shiny gifts, ponies, cash, baked goods, etc. c/o ADRIEN. I'll see what i can do. Ha ha, I kid. But send the stuff anyway. I suspect it will be an even tougher jury process this year because we have a lot of talented people applying and we are greedy and want more. MORE. MORE! MAKE MY WEEKEND HURT.

Woo. Getting all worked up there. Part of why I want more is because I'm completely addicted to looking at the new applications - it's like my own personal etsy or something. I check every hour for new ones and my day job is suffering for it. (Uh, if my boss is reading this: just kidding! I'm actually writing this at home right now!)

What am I even talking about? I have no idea. What are you doing? There is no more to see here and you should be working on your Spring Bada-Bing application. Need inspiration? Go here:

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