Thursday, March 01, 2007

Crafting it up in March

March is National Craft Month. According to the Craft & Hobby Association - we all have "31 days to enjoy life's little pleasures". Quornflour, a talented crafter from, has created a challenge to crafters to "Craft up!" this month.

The rules are simple:

· Spend at least 15 minutes a day satisfying that craft urge in your belly (easy because you're preparing for Spring Bada-bing!)

· Visit at least 1 craft show

· Purchase something from a fellow crafter (the RCM Etsy shop is an easy solution)

· Open that Etsy shop or website you “keep meaning to open” or update the one you have

· Finish an unfinished project (no problem because you're preparing for Spring Bada-bing!)

· Clean out your craft area or create one

· Post your projects and progress on your blog and tag them "craft challenge"

· Give away craft supplies you are not using anymore to someone who will

· Join and participate on a craft forum (getcrafty, Glitter, Craftster)

You know you're crafty, so come on and participate. Head over to the Craft Challenge and join the group if you'd like, or just post your updates or links to your updates in the comments section here.

Now get crafting!

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