Friday, April 19, 2013

Vendor Round-Up: Mood Swing Studio, Matt Butler and Needle Noodles

We are around the 36 hour mark until our 8th annual Spring Bada-Bing. So excited!!!!  In this round-up, a couple more of our crafty neighbors from North Carolina making the trek up to vend at the show.

Teacher turned print maker, Matt Butler didn't consider himself a creative type until he took a printmaking class at a community art center four years ago. Prints featuring  bikes, food and typography matched with his tongue in cheek sense of humor quickly found like minded fans among the craft community. Each print is created from hand carved linoleum blocks, then inked and pulled on his 80 year old cast iron press giving each finished piece it's very own individual charm. Find more of his prints at

Kristen Randall of Mood Swing Studio has been making her one-of-kind and limited edition recycled vintage jewelry and beaded collage pieces for over 7 years.  In addition to dabbling in new designs using enamel techniques, her storybook charms made from vintage children's books are always a big draw. (And super cute!)
Mojo in full swing, her bohemian influenced style can be found over at

Christen Haden of Needle Noodles crochet toys are always a big favorite at the show. Rayguns, deep sea divers to valkyries, and much more. Along with finished toys, Christen also sells patterns so you can try your skills making your own amigurumi. Find more amigurumi awesomeness and her book Creepy Cute on her website:

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