Friday, December 07, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight: Yelp!

We are super excited to introduce you to another sponsor: Yelp! Chances are you've already heard of (and used, right?!) Yelp to help you find great new restaurants and shops. Phil and I use it all the time when we're traveling so that we're not stuck eating Ye Same Olde Road Foode. Since we know you're all cool enough to use Yelp (of course), but maybe you haven't found the right way to explain it to your sister yet, here ya go: Yelp is a website and mobile app that connects people to great local businesses – anything from restaurants, boutiques, and dog groomers to mechanics, hair salons, even dentists! The Yelp community is engaged locals who connect to share their opinions about local businesses. Yelp is free to use, it can guide you to that hidden gem you never knew about, and you can share your experiences through your own reviews as well. Yelp is teaming up with the RCM and the Handmade Holiday show to give you, our lovely shoppers, F-R-E-E gift wrapping, starting at noon. Just use your phone and Yelp to check in to the show (the event is called "Yelp Wraps @ Handmade Holiday") when you get there tomorrow, and they will gussy up all those fantastic presents you're scoring. And you know, if one of those happens to be for yourself, we're not gonna tell. So Merry Holidays, y'all. I can't WAIT for tomorrow.

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