Saturday, April 21, 2012

2012 Spring Bada-Bing Vendor Q & A: Articipe

Articipe / Erin Adams

What is your favorite thing about spring?
What isn't there to love about spring? Ok, April showers are kind of a pain, but necessary. I love being outdoors as much as I can be, so spring is the beginning of a truly wonderful three seasons for me. I've already started my garden, will go on MANY walks with my dog, support my boyfriend at his mountain bike races, hiking, yard-saling, kayaking, biking, etc... You get the picture.
What's your newest crafty creation?  Is there specific item you'd like to feature for the show? 
My newest creation is debuted at the Spring Bada-Bing! Happy Birthday Cake recipe greeting cards. What birthday is complete without a little cake?
Is there a story behind your shop name? 
My boyfriend and I were just being silly with one night while I was trying to thinking of a name for my online shop. He starting making 'word sandwiches.' I blurted out 'Articipe' putting together 'Art' and 'Recipe' thinking it sounded stupid. Then my boyfriend says "EUREKA! That's it!" I still thought it was dumb for a few more days but it slowly grew on me. Now I'm really glad I stuck with it because I have a memorable name, my shop is very easy to search, and I always show up close to the top in alphabetical lists :D

What's your soundtrack while you're working?
Lately it's been Torches by Foster the People. Upbeat and something I can sing along to while hand-lettering.

What are your influences?
Typography I have to say is the main one. I'm a designer by trade and a type geek. When I get a new recipe to work on I never know what it's going to look like in the end. I start putting some fonts on a page and see how everything fits together and fiddle with the spacing and location of the different fonts. 
And why recipes – because I love to cook! Sometimes it's a curse that I chose to do custom recipe designs. I've found that I get really hungry while I'm designing!

Trend spotting: foxes, hedgehogs, mustaches, oh my! - What do you think will be next hottest craft trend?
Oh gosh! I don't know.... maybe snow cones? Or maybe paper airplanes....? Yeah! Paper airplanes!
I'm just pulling stuff out of the air here. I mean seriously, mustaches! Who would've guessed that?!!?

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