Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring Bada-Bing Crafter Interview with LoopyDolls


Describe your business and work:
Miriam Tobias and Jason Blair Roberson are a husband and wife team. We create plush toys from luxurious felted wool sweaters. Loopydolls are eco-friendly one-of-a-kind objects of art.

How long have you been a crafter or designer?
We have been making Loopydolls for over two years, but have been designers our whole lives.

How did you get started with your craft?
We have a friend with a toddler and we thought he would look really cute in a bear suit, so Jason painted him as a bear amongst suburban landscape. A whole 'Ben Bear' painting series emerged, Jason had an exhibition and there at the show was the very first Loopydoll. The inspiration for many of the Loopydoll characters come from Jason's paintings. Miriam harvests all the materials and does all the sewing and embroidery.

What are your influences?
modern architecture, nature, urban planning, the vinyl toy movement and children's imaginative play.

Do you have a particular item you want featured?
Gus the Octopus finger puppet: He's an octopus/boy creature, so pretty unique. We like that he also stands on his own, and costs only $8!

What do you like best about Spring?
Being able to play and plant outside.

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