Friday, April 17, 2009

250 reasons why you should come to our show!

SWAG! Lot's and lot's of swag. We have been busy swiping, I mean, gathering the loot for months now. Some of if might have fallen off the back of a truck, with the Mafiosi you never know for sure. So here is the deal, get there early! Show starts at 11:00 and the swag bags go fast.

Erica, our RCM buzy bee, has some darn fine swag.
I wish I had seen that maybe some would have gotten lost!
Check out Bees Knees Studio for peek at the artful goodness to come.

Memories to You, sent us some great magnets. Love them.
Check out the memory boards in her etsy shop!

Here is the mother load of all swag, Day Dream Silk Screen
sent us a hugh assortment of coolest t shirt, catalogs and coupons!

Happy Hound
sent a bunch of great gift tags!
I know I can't wait to wrap something up.

I was so sorry that Miss Cleo Dee was not coming to the show but I was thrilled to get some goodies from her!!! My kids thank you for the dyi squid patch! Missin' the squids already.

Here is some of my Modern June swag,
check your bags for great coupons.

We take our swag seriously! See you at the show.

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