Sunday, July 20, 2008

OK, so I've been meaning to blog the progress of my very DIY wedding and, let's just say, seeing that we've been engaged since February, I'm a little slow in getting around to it. Well, better late than never...

Part the First: How to Get Your Man to Propose

Buy him a sparkly orange bird from!*

Well, that's what I did anyway. I had no idea they were imbued with magical pop-the-question vibes! And to all those nay-sayers who say it was mere coincidence that I gave him this on the very same night the M-word was mentioned, well I say "poo!" to you.

*OK, so Ryan really likes this stuff. Your results may vary.

Part the Second: The Fruits of your Labor

I'm not the kind of girl who wears jewelery on a regular basis (in fact, I am more apt to be found wearing a goofy felt pin of some sort), so knew I wanted a really unique engagement ring. Also, since we were just about to buy a house, I definitely did not want the whole 2 month's salary thing (not to mention the ethical issues involving diamonds). So, with the help of the ladies of Richmond Craft Mafia, we trolled Etsy and IndieFixx for a fun, pretty, and affordable ring. I fell in love with this ring by ornametal right away, but I kept looking just so I didn't pick the first thing I saw.

Turns out, after a week of searching, I realized it was the very one I wanted. (Funny, we did almost the same thing when we bought our house: we bought one we fell in love with the first day out!)

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Kelly said...

YIPPIE for DIY weddings!!!