Tuesday, April 15, 2008

shopping wish list

Here is my shopping wish list for this weeks Spring Bada Bing! Scary thing is this is just part of my list. You can find me shopping on Sunday instead of in my booth!

I need a book from Betz White, the super star crafter! And I need pincushion because I know I won't be making one of my own anytime soon.

I would also love to replace my cheap Crate and Barrel coaters for some of By Cary coasters. I am in love with her Spring Silhouette Greeting Cards too!

I will take just about any thing from Red Prairie Press! This Folkprint tee would be good for starters! I still regret not buying one of her scarves at the DC mafia show in December.

My son will surly need a Ninja from Needle Noodles to go with his brain slugs from last years SBB!

And if my daughter doesn't need this cute cupcake Squid, I'll take it! OH we love our Cleo Dee Collection. The easter bunny shops there, who knew?

Everyone needs a gnome from A. Bel Studio, ok I need four! I have been waiting way to patiently for these little guys!

The best thing I can think of buying is this... I were a wealthy crafter I would buy each of my 14 RCM DIVA GIRLS some bitchin Bath products from Disquieting Design. Why? Cuz they rock and they have worked so hard to put on our 3rd Spring Bada Bing. I am so enjoying tub shooter Sunday night, my poison, Black Cherry Vanilla.

Come see these super star crafters and more on Sunday 11-4. Here are the directions!

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