Monday, April 21, 2008

reflections post sbb

Ah, the calm that is post-spring bada bing…as the rain showers continued on today, I found myself rubbing my tired little eyes, and contemplating the awesomeness that was the spring bada bing. i am so proud to be a member of this crafty group, damn that was a good show…

1 fabulous famiglia
+52 awesome crafters
+lots of wonderful volunteers
+ an eager Richmond community
=1 kick ass craft show!

If you missed it, ahem, go [here] to see all the fabulous vendors you missed…

Plant Zero
was an amazing venue for our third annual baDa BinG! show - after all was said and done, I just had to stand back and say…wow!

Here are some of my favorites from yesterday…

Mother of Men
had a fabulous necklace, which I should have snagged as soon as I saw it, on my second trip to see her it was sold! Check out her fabulous designs and awesome collections at her site. awesome photos too.

A. Bel Studio
had the cutest little sweater bike seat covers…if only they had the “wide load” seat cover version for my vintage fiesta…

Our own Erica Vess had a tiny felted squirrel, Liam, with his “prize nut”, and I just about died at the site of it. I had to have it. check out her other felted creatures at her etsy shop, the otter and the bee

Big Pink Curlers Cheers shot had me thirsty for a pint by the end of the day…I love the scenes & macro photography, another one of our favorites can be found [here].

Mood Swing
’s jewelry was quite divine, and I can’t wait to see her & Lucky Accessories again at the Handmade Market in Raleigh!

Sweet Pepita
had some rockin’ tees, but I don’t have any rockin’ kiddies, so I took a picture. made from organic & recycled tees, it’s too cute to pass up if you have a wee one…

knocked my socks off – at her etsy site, they appear pocket sized…but in real life, they are huggable nougahyde buddies! how cool

I neighbored with Gemma|factrix and am in love with her new rings. Go. Get one now. [here.]

in one word, spring bada bing was "fabulousness".

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bee's knees studio said...

I bought the Skullknocker squiddie! He is great fun to menace people with over cubicle walls at work.