Monday, February 18, 2008

Tutorial Time: make your own sushi candles!

These cute sushi candles are made from strips of beeswax. I demonstrated them today on WTVR (CBS 6)'s Virginia This Morning show.
You can watch the segment here.

To make your own sushi candles, you will need:

  • sheets of beeswax (red, natural, celadon green or other desired colors for the 3 sushi fillings) white and black for rice and nori (seaweed). To find the colors you like visit candle suppliers like Yaley Candles.

  • 1.5" pretabbed, wax-dipped votive wicks. Most craft stores carry these and all internet candle suppliers should have them as well.

  • craft knife

Cut the filling color sheets into small strips 1" by 2"

Cut 2 1"x 8" strips of white wax and 1 1x8" strip of black wax. Set these strips aside for the moment.

Carefully and slowly roll each of the 3 small strips into a 1" tall cylinder.

press the three cylinders around the tabbed wick. Use your fingers to gently mold the wax from a triangle to a circular shape.

Next, roll the first white strip around the tri-colored center. Once you have finished, use your fingers to join the second strip and keep wrapping it around the center. Finally, use your fingers to join the black strip and roll around then seal the edge with your fingers.

Repeat this process until you have 6 candles. Display them on a sushi plate or give them as a gift in a repurposed sushi takeout tray.


Bethany said...

those look amazing!

erin taylor designs said...

they look delicious!