Friday, February 22, 2008

Spring Bada Bing Right Around The Corner!

Your Richmond Craft Mafia friends sure are working hard right now. Poor Dawn, Tasha, and Erica have been up half the night putting the finishing touches on the Spring Bada Bing website! That's right ladies and gentlemen. It is that time of year again, time to fill out the flurry of show applications that have started hitting your mailbox left and right, and your very first order of business should be Spring Bada Bing! We'll have all the details for you soon, and the application process is starting, like any minute now! Come on and join us at "The BOSS of all Craft Shows!"

Now, be sure you read ALL the application requirements and get yours in on time. We absolutely cannot take late, or incomplete apps -please, help us keep Adrien's head from exploding. Last year we had over 150 applications from around the country for the 55 spaces available, and while we do have a few more spots this year, you really need to be sure and choose the very best photos to represent your work!

This photo? Not so great.

This pic? Better.

Hey, do you hear that? What? I do believe it's the shrinking of dinkys! Mhm. The Craft Lounge (featuring Shrinky Dinks), will take place the evening of Monday, March 3 at The Camel on Broad Street. What is the Craft Lounge, you ask? Brain child of the great Dawn Anderson, Craft Lounge is nothing more than an opportunity to work on your craft in a laid back, social atmosphere. So bring your embroidery hoop, your knitting needles, your pliers and your wires, and come on down. Have a coffee or a beer, and rub elbows with other local crafters and Etsy folk. This is a great opportunity for the crafting community in our city to get together and keep growing! Cities like Portland, Detroit and Austin are well known Craft Meccas and the RCM wants you all to help us put Richmond in those ranks! We can share information (and supplies - more info on that soon), form some bonds, and enjoy a really cool atmosphere. More details on the way...keep checking back!
Please help us to get the word out by joining us at the Craft Lounge, applying to SBB and by passing the info along to other folks who might be interested in helping Richmond become a fierce Craft City!

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