Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Virginia Currents gets crafty!

If you all are local to Virginia please check out tomorrow's Virginia Currents The Richmond Craft Mafia will be featured. In Richmond the show will air on WCVE on January 17th at 8:00 pm. If you miss it you can also check it out on Saturday at 5:30 pm or Sunday at 12:30 pm.

... learn how a group who call themselves the “Craft Mafia” take on mass production with a vengeance.

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fasturnfun said...

I hope this is still going! I am David, my late mom Emma was a top quilter, and she is the personwho got my dad Don to invent the Fasturn. Now I am the one trying to let the world know we are still a home-grown, hand made family company...we still defy the odds (sounds like you all do too!)
Give us a ring (800) 729-0280 and ask for me, I would love to offer your readers a deal!!
Thanks! David