Monday, January 07, 2008

Links we luv, pattern making

There has been a lot of great links being shared on our Richmond Craft Mafia yahoo group and I think it is about high time we share them with you! Beth of "Monkey and Me"told me a while back that Norfolk Craft Mafia does a "link dump" on their blog! What a fantastic idea I think we will borrow that!

Links for Stitch Divas and pattern Mavens!

How to make long lasting patterns.
How to hire a stitcher.
Places to buy patterning supplies:
Interested in selling your patterns?

check out this how to book Publish Your Patterns!
Here is a blog post on the subject at well.

Here is a link to my personal patterning tool
wish list!

Thanks to Beth, Nicole and Erin for all these sweet links!

Stay tuned more to come!

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