Sunday, December 23, 2007


Back in November Beth Allums (The Monkey and Me) and I (Lark Studio) were guest on Virginia This Morning on our local CBS station. We were asked to come on and demonstrate a quick, no sew holiday garland. If you missed it, you can now see it here (you've gotta love YouTube):

A quick tutorial is now located on the RCM website. You can navigate directly to the tutorial via the Links section to the right on this blog. I will be back on Virginia This Morning on Thursday, January 3rd offering up some crafty tips on how to recycle calendars and holiday cards. Stay tuned for more crafty video tutorials!

Happy Holidays!


amanda bel said...

Aaaack! You guys looked fabulous, what awesome press! Congratulations!!!

vera*lana photography said...

Wow, how great that you guys were on TV! You guys did a great job :)