Monday, June 11, 2007

Gettin' down with our bad selves

Whoa. So, when was the last time you saw a three tiered green jello mold laden with chunks of pineapple and mini marshmallows? Ha! I saw one this weekend because, lucky for me, I belong to the Richmond Craft Mafia and our collective craftiness goes way beyond the skilled use of a glue gun. It seems that new member Kelly McCants of Modern June takes her culinary craft every bit as serious as her sewing skills! I won't mention what ultimately came of this lovely lime masterpiece. Let's just say its demise was reminiscent of a certain scene in Good Fellas... Sometimes we really embrace those mafia roots. You don't want to know.

You're probably wondering what sort of event is worthy of a multi tiered jello mold? A seventies-style summer potluck planning session for Renegade, Brooklyn, of course. Heeelllloooo! You did know we are having a RCM group booth, right? Yes, that's right...we will be represented at Renegade this year! Just look for the soopa fine booth set up orchestrated by organizational master Tasha McKelvey and you'll also find Miss Dada Haus, Miss Monkey and Me, Miss Modern June, and Miss Soleil Rouge in attendance. The rest of the Richmond familia will also have work at the show but we personally will be languishing in flaming hot Richmond and bitching about how we wish we could have gone. It's going to be so much freaking fun it's not even fair. But it's also going to be a LOT of work and us girls who are seething behind - oh, I mean staying behind - do sincerely thank our craft sistahs for taking on the project and making us all famously wealthy.

Oh, and I hope a certain airline pilot comes along and sweeps a certain craft mafia girl off her feet. She needs to have a little fun. You know who you are. hehe

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Tere @ My Precious Studio said...

Best of luck to you all! I used to live blocks from McCarren Park but the Renegade didn't start happening there until I moved to Richmond...
Have a great time!