Saturday, June 16, 2007

Craft Show Envy

As I sit here uncraftily in my PJs sipping coffee and writing this blog entry, Tasha, Beth, Nicole, Deanna and Los Dos Kellys are livin' it up at Renegade. (Yes, I am a lovely shade of envious green right now...) Though, I did check the weather forecast for Brooklyn and it looks as though there is a solid chance of dampness today and tomorrow: so everybody send them dry and sunny thoughts, OK? See, even when I'm jealous, I can still think of others...., and all my work is on paper. Rain, rain go away!

Since I'm twiddling my thumbs here in Richmond, I thought I would take this opportunity to pimp a show that Tasha and I are both doing next Saturday: Charm City Craft Mafia's Pile of Craft!

Behold their singing, dancing and totally clickable logo!

I'm really excited about this event for two very silly reasons:

1: My booth is right by the coffee shop. It's like they know me!

2: The booth next to me is My Paper Crane, who I sorta have a Craft Crush on. I mean, who doesn't love sad toast plushes? I'm also looking forward to seeing some of the vendors I met at Spring BadaBing: The Broken Plate & Devoted Bee.

So, yeah, it might not be Renegade, but there will be air conditioning and I'll be ridiculously caffeinated. Good times!

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Kelly McCants said...

I have a super hugh crush on my paper crane. I got to tell her on Saturday that to! I am sure that I totally made a fool of myself. I even asked if she remembered me from leaving comments on her blog. yeah right like she has time for that!!! Little ol' me.

My kids actually gasped when I gave them their my paper crane doughnuts. She rocks their world to!

I told her that they stalk her flickr. She is so cool.

I am green with envy that you get to hang out next to her. very cool.