Sunday, May 20, 2007

Everybody holler for a weekly indie craft market!

Here's the dealio kids:

Alternative Market is a brand new weekly arts/handcraft bazaar that happens on Saturdays from11am-7pm behind AlterNatives: 3320 W Cary St.

All yall better come out and shop, because 20% of sales benefit the Mayan Arts Project, a new offshoot of AlterNatives' existing art & training programs centered in the Guatemalan Highlands. See all the good things they do at

Interested in vending your crafty wares for a good cause? It's totally free to set up, but they ask that you donate 20% of your sales to their Mayan Arts Project. It's also rain or shine, because they have 2 large tents. Set up begins at 9:30 when all vendors help set up the tents (it's also nice if you can lend a hand to tear them down at the end).

Here's some basic guidelines:
1. Everything must be handmade by the person selling.
2. Presentation is important, nobody wants this to look like a flea market. Also, be aware this is family-friendly event.
3. They prefer if you have your own table, but you can rent tables for $5 for a 6 footer and $2 a table cloth.
4. The individual artist/vendor needs to be responsible for collecting sales taxes. VA sales tax is 5%.
5. Each vendor is asked to donate 20% of their sales. Not only does it help to maintain the space, but all other proceeds go to the Mayan Arts Program which provides an art education to children in the Highlands of Guatemala.
6. Please contact Kim (alternativemarketrva(at) or Erica (BeeMail(at) if you are interested in being part of this fun new event.

Don't let any of those guidelines scare you off, though: it's really a very informal, laid-back event. Very hippy-happy-sunshine. You're gonna dig it.

If you have any questions, vendor-related or otherwise, you can contact me (BeeMail(at), or you can email Kim at alternativemarketrva(at)

(Just, you know, replace the (at) with @, I'm trying to save us from spam as much as I can.)

If you want, please forward this to any of your artist/craftsperson friends! Let's get the ball rollin' on this and make it happen!

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