Thursday, April 19, 2007

Vendor Spotlight

We have one vendor who has something nobody else has: jewelry. Haha, kidding. Try: handcrafted perfumes. How often do you see that? Modern Atelier is wonderful and the only way to buy a signature scent that really is signature, because who wants to go back to the time when everyone was wearing Colors de Bennetton and Obsession? Remember that? It was awful. AWFUL. Don't even get my started on Drakkar because, damn.

Modern Atelier makes fragrances for men and women and also has an entire line inspired by Richmond, which I think is really, really cool. Here are some descriptions:

Kuba Kuba - Juicy Pineapple, cool mint, and sweet, spicy rum - a tribute to everyone's favorite Fan restaurant.

Flowers in the Fan- Inspired by the many small gardens in the Fan that manage to fill a space with every flower imaginable. White dogwood, magnolia, and narcissus are sweetened with a drop of honeydew melon.

Cookie Factory - Even though the FFV cookie factory has closed up shop, if the wind is just right, you can still smell the freshly baked cookies wafting.

Belle Isle - rose, jasmine, and violet, on a bed of soft vanilla and dark, sexy base note.

Byrd Theater - all the scents of the vintage movie palace - Hot Buttered Popcorn, Ooey, Gooey milk duds, and an icy cold Coke.

Nice, right? They all sound amazing (thought I have to tell you, I worked at the Byrd for years and the perfume smells WAY better than the actual theater. The real deal was a serious stink that got stuck in your clothes for days. Not great. Perfume is, though. Okay.)

Anyway, if you're not excited about this, you're fired.

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Amy said...

Thanks, y'all! Can't wait for another great bada bing!