Monday, April 09, 2007

Kelly Spotlight! Which she doesn't want but TOO BAD.

This is a break from the lovely vendors to brag about one of our own: Kelly of Dada Haus. Kelly is a freaking STAR, you guys. She doesn't do autographs either so suck on it and just be jealous.

Or, you could just tune into the DIY Network and watch her on an upcoming episode of Craft Lab. I KNOW. How cool is that? Kelly is being all squicky and bashful about it (which I understand, as I am filled with weirdness at the thought of seeing myself on national television which, I have to admit, has never actually been an issue, um, at all.) but some of us ignored her pleas and decided we needed to brag about her whether she likes it or not.


Craft Lab on the DIY Network: April 11th and May 15th.

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