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Monday, February 04, 2008

Links we luv: Crafty Business School

For this weeks links we luv we are sharing some of our favorite places to go for great tips on running a better craft business.

Dawn of Lark Studio contributes the following:

The Switch Boards
Craftypod Staying Savvy Series
PDX Supercrafty

While you are checking out the Indie Biz Chicks be sure to listen to Dawn's chat on their Podcast. You will learn all about Dawn, Lark Studios, and the Richmond Craft Mafia. Well done girl!

Miss Nicole Lee from none other than Nicole Lee Designs suggests SCORE! What a great place to get loads of free business information. This is a must know site! Look for the getting started seminars in your area they are very insightful.

Our own Mary Ellen Kim has been featured in a wonderful article about Turning your Creative Hobby into a Business. Mary Ellen runs the fabulous Twist Style. Congrats ME you are a rock star!

For my own contributions I am going to check out this new book.

Interview with Author Meg Mateo Ilasco at whip up!
Book review from Craft Goddess Sister Diane from Craftypod
Buy the book

I also like the following links:

Craftcast Podcast featuring Wendy Rosen.
How to run a successful etsy shop... by Greenbean Baby Art
For the ultimate link list check out ETSY Resource link list.

Please as always if you have a link to share please leave a comment. If you have linky luv subject you would like us to tackle contact me at

See ya next week!

UPDATE our readers add:

Craft Boom thanks Q.D. Patooties!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Links we Luv: Getting it organized

Does your work table look like this? Mine did about a week ago. You know how is it's January it's all about reorganizing your life, home and business. So for this weeks links we luv it is all about getting that craft studio back in shape.

Before you tear into that room check out the organizing guru, Suzanne from Let's talk Organizing. Suzanne concentrates on helping small businesses get it together. There you can take a little quiz to find your organizing solution, this will change your organizing life! Are you a visual, inspirational, or Logical organizer? Don't forget to check out the sassy little podcast and her great blog for more helpful tips.

De-clutter Tools :
Container store
Organized living


Domestic Diva
Sew organized
Ikea hacker

Flickr Inspiration:

Operation: Sewing Room Organization
My Crafting Room
Craft Rooms
Organization is for squares
Sewing Rooms
Art Studio Makeover
Scrap Spaces & Beyond
Sewing Tool and Accessories

As always we want your help adding to the link lists, leave us a comment with your favorite organization tips, tools and LINKS!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Links we luv, Photography

On our Yahoo group we have been listing what our goal for the new are. The lists are long and varied. On of my goals for Modern June is to take better photographs. With no cash for a fancy new camera I sent out a call for some helpful tips from my crafty family.

Don, my husband, is always saying tripod, tripod, tripod and no flash no flash no flash! OK I think that all has finally set in. I am lucky that he bought a tripod in collage! Then he and I sat around playing with the i photo adjust tool. Wow, that helped a whole lot! As I am opening back up the shop (slowly) I am editing the really rotten photos that I have taken over the last year and adding the brighter photos on to the etsy listing.

But there is still so much to be desired with the photos that I am taking now. So here comes the troops with their crafty "google" knowledge! Beth sent me this Storque article and video produced by ETSY LABS. there you will find a how to video on taking a better shot. OMG! Not only is Mary too cute but they gave me wonderful piece of advise. I never new what all that menu stuff was all about. White balance! who knew? Not me that is for certain!

Also some where I read that a faster shutter speed lets in more light so I have been using the "splashing water" setting.

So by adjusting the EV shift from 0.0 to 1.7 I was able to go from this dark photo to this nice bright photo. and it is a dark cloudy day! I am shocked and delighted. Thank you etsy labs for the great articles!

This is just a start, I have much more to learn but I just had to share how easy it was to get this kind of result.

Here is the link list for better photos. If you have anything to add please leave a comment.

Taking Professional Looking Photos Without a Professional

Posie gets cozy: photo tidbits!

Shop Makeover series: Photographing for Success

Tips for Craft Show Application Images

Monday, January 07, 2008

Links we luv, pattern making

There has been a lot of great links being shared on our Richmond Craft Mafia yahoo group and I think it is about high time we share them with you! Beth of "Monkey and Me"told me a while back that Norfolk Craft Mafia does a "link dump" on their blog! What a fantastic idea I think we will borrow that!

Links for Stitch Divas and pattern Mavens!

How to make long lasting patterns.
How to hire a stitcher.
Places to buy patterning supplies:
Interested in selling your patterns?

check out this how to book Publish Your Patterns!
Here is a blog post on the subject at well.

Here is a link to my personal patterning tool
wish list!

Thanks to Beth, Nicole and Erin for all these sweet links!

Stay tuned more to come!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Richmond crafters...there's a hit out on you!

I'm in the process of updating the RCM website and paying particular attention to our hit list. Regularly, we get request from people looking for particular artists/crafters or particular items here in Richmond, so I'm updating our links page with as much information that I can find about who and what is crafty in Richmond. The Google map I created of crafty Richmond will be on that page as well. We want to help promote Richmond area artists and crafters and Richmond in general! So, if you are doing your thing here in the greater Richmond area, or know of someone or someplace that is, please email me the information so I can put out the official hit. All we ask in return is that you link back to RCM either on your website or your blog. We will be checking. Don't make us come after you, we are the mafia after all!