Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Volunteers Needed for Handmade Holiday

Hello, friends! Turkey day is almost here and that means we are getting even closer to time for Handmade Holiday on Saturday, December 14th!
We need a few good volunteers! Volunteers will do things like help vendors unload/load their cars, help keep our vendors fed by delivering lunches/drinks and generally help us keep things running smoothly. You can stay for part of the day or all day long. You’ll get one of our limited edition tote bags as a token of our thanks!
Morning Volunteers are needed to help folks unload and setup in the morning, between 8am and 10:30am. We will have a large number of vendors trying to get into a somewhat car-challenged space, and need some active, early-risers to keep things moving.
Lunch Volunteers are needed from 11:30am – 1pm to assist deliver vendor lunches and offer the vendors a chance to take a short break.
Evening Volunteers are needed from 5pm-6pm to help vendors pack up and to clean up the facility.
Interested in volunteering? Contact Sarah  (saraheliseturner@gmail.com)

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