Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Vendor Spotlight: The Daily Scrub

Those pics ALMOST make it look like getting your mouth washed out with soap wouldn't be the WORST thing that could happen to you. (Not that I'd know anything about that, mind you.) Anywho, moving right along... These artisan soaps are handcrafted in a soap kitchen just south of Richmond, in Disputanta, Virginia. They are made from scratch using a traditional cold process method, and Rachel's recipe includes the finest ingredients for ultimate moisturizing qualities. Each little bar is its own work of art, and features glorious colors, exfoliators, soap sticks, and soap swirls. Just try to resist biting into one, okay?

Rachel was kind enough to share photos and the story behind how she makes her soaps.

Here's her process:

I make handmade artisan soaps from scratch using a traditional cold process method. Bars are made using the following basic ingredients: olive, palm, sunflower, and coconut oils; unrefined shea butter; water; and sodium hydroxide. The oils are measured and combined. The sodium hydroxide and water are combined. Both are brought to a similar temperature and once they are both at the same temperature, the sodium hydroxide/water mixture is poured into the oil mixture. Using a stick blender, I stir them together until trace is reached. This is the point when the mixture has thickened and will no longer separate. It is now ready for the additives like fragrance and essential oils as well as herbs, ground oats, exfoliants, and colors. Then, the mixture is poured into the molds, which were handmade by my husband. This is when I add my decorative touch with swirls, soap sticks spheres, and curls! In the mold the mixture begins to saponify. This means that the oil molecules are pairing with the sodium hydroxide molecules and soap is forming. The molds are covered with lids and wrapped in blankets to avoid cooling too fast! After about 8 - 12 hours the loaf is removed will sit for another 8 hours. Then, the loaf is cut into bars. The bars cure for a period of 3 to 4 weeks, sometimes longer depending on the ingredients. This insures a good, hard bar of soap.

While every bar is unique, they all have my signature look and artistic touch! I aim to make each and every batch unique and different. This allows me to express my creativity. I know that I am drawn to beautiful things, so I seek to create a beautiful artistic bar of soap that make my customers feel lovely each time they use it.

My bars are super moisturizing and are made with love and care.

Love the goggles! Might as well rock a little fashion sense with your safety consciousness!

Thanks for sharing, Rachel, and we'll see you at the show!

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