Thursday, April 04, 2013

Vendor Round-Up

In this vendor round-up we have a designer that puts robots and animals in the spotlight and  a photographer that puts photos on more than just paper.

Andrew Stronge of Stronge Designs is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Charlottesville. His limited edition prints are extremely accessible and highly polished with acute attention to detail. We particularly love his screen-printed tribute to Isaac Asimov's Robby the Robot (above), and his clockwork owl lithograph would look great above your mantle, too.

Sarah of Silver Satellite Studios takes lovely photographs with a raw, vintage feel. You could frame them and hang them on your wall, and that would look great. Or--OR--you could rest your head on one. She makes them into throw pillows! Check out this one she'll have on hand--a perfect compliment to any modern living space.

We're definitely looking forward to seeing both of these vendors and maybe even starting a pillow fight.

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