Sunday, April 14, 2013

Vendor Round Up: ADKnits, Articipe, and Inedible Jewelry!

Inedible Jewelry
eat your peas and carrots! 

About the makers of Inedible Jewelry
We are Jessica & Susan Partain (yes, sisters!), and we have been creating deliciously realistic miniature foods for about 20 years. We have translated our love of all things food and miniature into fun jewelry. Everyone has a favorite food!

We were recently on the The Martha Stewart Show, teaching her how we create our lemon and lime slices! 

and their very own book!  we love these ladies.  
their work is so great, with something for every taste. 


Erin Adams of Articipe brings her bright art + recipes to richmond with these fantastic prints.

Erin is an avid creative with a creative day job. In her words:
I have always had a great passion for design and typography. Recently, I've learned that I LOVE to garden, cook and can. I started a project hand drawing some of my favorite recipes to hang on my kitchen walls and the idea struck me to create custom heirloom recipe prints for ALL!

more mouth watering recipes in handwritten text can be found here!


ADKnits are fantastic.  each Augusta's pieces is handmade with love and is simply bright and bold and wonderful.  About ADKnits: 
ADKnits is an independent line of natural fiber home goods and accessories created by Augusta Donaldson. Everything Augusta creates is knitted or crocheted by hand with an emphasis on function, color, and materials. She enjoys experimenting with the different textures and design possibilities of combining fiber-working techniques. Many of her wool pieces are also felted or fulled, creating a thick sturdy fabric, and often feature embroidered or needle felted detailing. 
A strong supporter of handmade, she believes it is important to focus on detail and craftsmanship over consumption and the mass-produced.
Augusta tries to incorporate the natural world into her designs and materials. Her designs feature nature-inspired motifs, saturated hues, and natural fibers like wool and cotton. 
When she's not creating, you can find her gardening, compulsively organizing, eating, or talking to her dog.

Visit ADKnits to see more hand knit goodness. 

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