Thursday, November 29, 2012

Penny & Paul :: Handmade Holiday Vendor Feature

It's that time of the year again! Vendor Spotlight time! Our first installment this year is all about a maker of wonderfully colorful and fresh knitted goods. 
Business Name: Penny & Paul
Owner: Emily McCarthy

Here's a little more about Penny & Paul...

What is the best handmade gift you've received?
Hmmm…I’ve received many noteworthy and special handmade items, but one of the best was an ink and crayon self-portrait from my niece that is framed in my kitchen.  Her expression in the picture is hilariously solemn for a child.  The coloring is quirky and classic.  There’s a freedom that comes when the artist creates from the heart without expectation.    
What is your newest crafty creation?  
Upcycled crocheted rag rugs.  I love the unexpected patterns that materialize with each different rug- I never know at the beginning what the outcome will be! I got really into them last summer, stocked up on piles of fabric, then packed it up and put it all aside for next spring as the hat season set in.
Is there specific item you'd like to feature for the show? 
My pompom hats!  Inspired by my love for Scandinavia and primary colors, they’re the perfect accessory for just living it up!

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