Friday, April 08, 2011

New things we're excited about

One thing that's super awesome about putting on this show is that there are always new vendors popping up with amazing wares for sale. Here are some of my fave newbies that will be featured at this year's Spring Bada-bing!

Harvest Crafts Quilts:

How gorgeous is that quilt!?! Even my husband ooh'ed and ah'ed when we were looking at the photos. I'm still drooling on my keyboard.

Camera Shy Photography:

Hillary uses her own photos, and then adds them to her own jewelry designs. Awesome to the tenth power.

Volta Organics:

Phil and I met Lisa at some craft shows last year in the norther parts of the Atlantic Coast, and we were STOKED to see that she'll be joining us for this year's SBB. I grabbed a bunch of her wares for my mother-in-law for Christmas, and she loved them. Hint, hint: Mother's Day is May 8th!

Adam Paulek:

Did you catch what's happening on that pitcher? It's fish. In a kayak. Rowing the kayak. Hilarious, AND well-executed. Genius.

Clever Cat Bags:

I love coffee. Like, LOOOOVE coffee. I have publicly confessed that if my house was on fire, after my husband and my dog, I would save my coffee maker on the way out the door. So, recycled totes made from used coffee bags? YES PLEASE! Make mine a doppio.

So those are 5 new vendors I can't wait to see a week from Sunday. Are they our only new vendors? Heck, no! We gotta keep some surprises for you! (Okay, we're not actually keeping it a surprise. You can see everyone who's attending here.) But I did just wanna give a little newbie shout-out to some of the awesome people that will be at our show on the 17th. You should be there too.

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