Monday, March 21, 2011

You have no idea!

You have no idea how much fabulousness awaits! But you will find out soon when we update the VENDORS page over at We are firming things up for this year's show, but for now, you can check out last year's awesome crew - and we'll be sure to let you know when the new batch is up!

Every year we go into our jury process with a stack of applications and a heavy heart because each of us knows that there are going to be way more fabulous artists than we have room for which means that some truly deserving, talented peeps (and quite a few good friends) won't be able to join us. We have all gotten them, those letters that start with, "We are sorry to inform you..." It is no fun to get those letters, and man, it hurts to be the ones sending them, too.

But on a happier note Spring Bada Bing is definitely going to be super stupendous, and that is thanks in part to our generous sponsors:

Thank you sponsors!!! You Rock!! Stay tuned for a list of this year's vendors and some special spotlights, too!

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