Sunday, June 29, 2008

Craftapolooza 2008

DSCF8084, originally uploaded by Nicole Lee Designs.

Craftapalooza is over! The sun can shine again the Richmond Craft Mafia (rain makers) are ready to settle down for a nice quite month! Our group booth extravaganza was full of trying experiences. Somedays Mother Nature just would not behave in the last 5 weeks the group faced a monsoon, record high temperatures, horrible thunderstorms, as well as wicked sunburns. Then there were the few important items left tragically at home, keys locked in cars, people lost in NYC for 3 hours and let us not forget about bad Italian food! Let's just say we learned a lot! And now we are all home safe and sound!

We thank all the wonderful people that we had the honor to meet, we all love the opportunity to meet those that we have craft crushes on. Thank you to all the people that came out and supported us again this year. And most of all thank you to all the cool indie craft shows that let our crafty family join in on the fun!

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