Monday, August 06, 2007

Shipping from home with Pay Pal

The other day I heard a fellow crafter say that she needed to learn how to ship her wares via the web. Hell yeah, we have enough to do. Standing at the post office is as fun as having a root canal done. OK maybe that is a bit extreme but really I would rather not! I only go to the post office to mail internationally or to buy stamps. And I don't do either of those very often.

To my knowledge there are two ways to accomplish mailing with USPS on line is by using Pay Pal and USPS click and ship site. I prefer Pay Pal because all the information is the and the payment for the package is going to come from there any way.

You do need a few things to do this all at home. To start with you need a scale (available at any office supply store), tape, and envelopes. Tissue and promos are fun too! If you know you are going to use Priority shipping at all times head over to The Postal Store were you can order all the tape, forms, boxes and envelopes you need. It is all free! I sell aprons and other textiles I really like the tyvek envelopes so my products end up to there new home nice a dry.
  • Start by your package ready to mail.
  • Weigh you package using a scale.
  • Login to your Pay Pal account
  • Locate your buyer in your Recent Activity list
  • Find a column that says "Action"
  • Click on the Create, purchase and print a shipping label
  • This is were you can create, purchase and print your shipping labels.
  • You are asked to Select a carrier. (I always use USPS)
  • Fill out the form for shipping information, send an email directly to your client, and check any and all of the appropriate items.
  • now click continue
  • on this page review your information and edit anything neccessary
  • pay and continue
  • Now a window pops up for you to review your label. Here you can click to print your label.
  • You do not want to place tape over the following the barcode or the "dot metric" looking stamp.
  • Once you print your shipping label and attach it to the package, both you and your buyer can monitor the status of the package.
  • Now drop that bad boy in your mailbox and your friendly neighborhood mail person will whisk it off in to the wide world.

Here is little something that I swiped this off the pay pal site. I am sure they won't mind!

With PayPal Shipping You Can:

Create postage-paid shipping labels in just minutes

Pay for shipping and insurance with your PayPal account, with no monthly fees or surcharges

Create and print a pre-filled packing slip, detailing what you are shipping to your buyer

Ship internationally with PayPal-provided Customs forms

Track and confirm the arrival of your shipments with delivery confirmation

Void your shipping label and get a refund for misprinted labels canceled within 24 hours

Print multiple U.S. Postal Service labels at once with MultiOrder Shipping

Click here to see their shipping demo.

I hope this helps those of you that need a helpful solution! If you have a great way to ship from home what do you use? How do you like and why?

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