Monday, July 23, 2007

The Departed

Ok folks, I have an important announcement... which I will try to keep as short and sweet as possible, without blubbering.

After two years with the Richmond Craft Mafia, and 5 years living in the city, I must say goodbye to both. Starting in August, I will be working for Etsy, Inc in Brooklyn, NY.

It's been wonderful working with everyone, those in the Mafia and those who have helped us or participated in events. I'm told you never really leave the mafia, so I'm sure I'll be back at some point... probably for the awesome craft swap that's in the works. Not that I know anything about that...

On the plus side, Kelly M will no longer have to fight for her name! She's free to shed her last initial, and no longer will we both turn around when someone calls us. But just remember, I was the first Kelly. Kelly F. For First. ;)

I'll miss you all, and come visit me in New York!


Dawn Anderson said...

{sighs} I guess this makes it official. I will totally miss you! :)

Kelly McCants said...

OH but I like Kelly M and I will miss you!

Have a grand adventure!

Tasha McKelvey said...

Best of luck at the new job!