Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Vendor Spotlight: More Squid.

Just so things around here don't get too girl-centric (not that we're not awesome), how about a vendor who has something for guys too? This is not just a chick show, even though the Richmond Craft Mafia is all women. And most of our vendors are women. And...shit. Okay, here's something good: Squidfire!

Squidfire is for men and women and babies and squid. They make ultra effing cool t-shirts like you wouldn't believe:

Squid Swarm (check out the dude! wearing the shirts! Stuff for guys!)


Pterodactyl (the P is silent!)

God, I love a squirrel:

Shrimpfire! How cute is this baby?

You guys wear me out with the cute. Dang.

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