Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The podcast is back!

Welcome to "off the record..." - the Richmond Craft Mafia's podcast that will give you insight into the artistic, crafting and business wisdom that is the Craft Mafia family.

This episode is all about fabric. You'll get re-acquainted with the Richmond Craft Mafia, hear about the podcaster that brought us back from the brink, find some great online fabric resources and walk away with two crafty fabric projects.

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Thanks to Nicole Lee, owner of Soleil Rouge & my co-host for this month's podcast!

Check out the Material Mama podcast, hosted by Nutmeg

Fabric websites:
St. Theresa Textile Trove

Show websites:
Richmond Loves Raleigh
Spring Bada-bing: The BOSS of all craft shows


This month's crafty projects:
Furoshiki: Japanese fabric gift wrap. Learn more about it here.
Frayed Squares Fabric Embellishment


This month's contest: Odeo us and enter to win!
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1 comment:

Sim said...

I really enjoyed the podcast - please do more! I'm sad that there are only 2 episodes, but I guess that's b/c you all are gearing up for the Spring Bada-Bing! I plan to come :-)